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Mobile marketing is the most powerful advertising medium ever invented

Apps available on iPhone, iPad, HTML5, & Android

Mobil Appster allows you to simultaneously edit and manage an iPhone, iPad, and Android app online using our powerful content management system. Every app created with Mobil Appster is a native app that appears in the iTunes app store and the Google marketplace.

Beautiful apps without any programming

The Mobil Appster platform enables anyone to create beautiful mobile applications without any programming knowledge needed. Our easy to use content manage system allows for beautiful app design, customization, and functionality across a broad range of mobile devices.

Instantly update your app with our powerful CMS

Update your apps content or appearance whenever you’d like using our powerful content management system. Modify everything inside your app without having to send your app for a lengthy update with Apple or Google.

Mobile apps specifically designed for small businesses

Mobil Appster was built from the ground up with small businesses in mind. From our easy of use to the features that we offer inside our apps – we are specifically designed for small businesses. We believe that you shouldn’t have to be a large company or have to spend thousands of dollars to take advantage of mobile app marketing.

Risk free – 30 day money back guarantee

If for whatever reason you are unsatisfied with your mobile application within the first month of service, Mobil Appster guarantees to refund the first month of service with no questions asked. Mobil Appster is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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Restaurant Mobile Apps

“Your customers are mobile…is your business?”


Restaurant Mobile Apps

restaurant mobile appsWe design fully custom mobile apps for restaurants complete with loads of features and benefits so you can engage customers on the go. MobilAppster can help your business connect with customers in bold new ways. With the touch of a button, mobile apps allow customers to view your restaurants’ menus complete with pictures of the items and access loads of features and information you would like to include in a mobile app for your restaurant, bar, grill, tavern, pub or other establishment.

If your in the service and hospitality industry mobile marketing is a huge opportunity to generate more traffic to your business, gain new customers, and keep existing customers coming back.  MobilAppster’s mobile apps for restaurants allow you to create custom coupons, loyalty programs, and send unlimited push notifications to your customers via any mobile device. Customers will be able to view your restaurant’s app complete with one touch call and contact features, gps directions, menus, specials, happy hours, events, facebook, twitter, yelp, foursquare, open table, image gallery, mailing list, fan wall, and much more…

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing industry in the world.  To compete your business needs an app!  

**Preview of a restaurant mobile app built using our interface.


Mobile App Previewer


**Enter an app code from the list below in the email field with the password field blank.**


App Codes

  • datz

  • lime

  • lodgebar

  • noblesf

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Bar & Club Mobile Apps

1 Billion Smart Phones expected by 2013


Mobile App Previewer


**Enter an app code from the list below in the email field with the password field blank.**


App Codes

  • lodgebar

  • lime

  • hattricks

  • noblesf

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Real Estate Mobile Apps

Update your clients with your newest properties right on their mobile phone

Real Estate Mobile Apps

Example iPhone App – Coldwell Banking Real Estate



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Band & DJ Mobile Apps

Band & DJ Mobile Apps

“Engage your fans on the go 24/7″

Mobile Apps for Bands & DJs

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Gym & Fitness Mobile Apps

Give your members the freedom to view and book classes quickly and conveniently from anywhere on their smartphones

Gym Mobile Apps

Health Club Mobile Apps

Example iPhone App – CSU Chico State WREC Gym

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Lawyer Mobile Apps

Allow your your clients and prospective clients to connect with your Law Firm on the go 24/7!

Lawyer Mobile Apps

Law Firm Mobile Apps

Having a mobile app will allow your law firm to connect with your clients and potential clients like never before!

Mobile marketing is the fastest growing industry in the world. To compete you need an app. Whether your law firm’s focus is personal injury, criminal defense, family law, real state law or business law, we can create a complete and fully custom mobile marketing solution to help your practice communicate with your clients more conveniently and efficiently than ever before.

Mobile Appster will handle every step of developing an interactive iPhone or Android application, from the design phase to marketing, allowing you to focus on your clients. Our apps are fully customized and are tailored to meet the individual needs of your firm and your clients.

People are leaving their houses everyday with nothing but their keys and cell phone in their pockets. Engage your customers on the go 24/7 with a mobile app for your business!

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What is Mobil Appster?

Mobil Appster is making mobile apps affordable and simple for small businesses. We’re a do-it-yourself iPhone, iPad, HTML5, and Android app platform that allows any small business to simultaneously edit and manage mobile apps online without any programming knowledge needed.

Who can use Mobil Appster?

Any business or person can use Mobil Appster to edit and manage an iPhone or Android app.

What is an iPhone and Android application?

An iPhone application is a small computer program that runs on the iPhone. The iPhone can be a powerful marketing platform and Mobil Appster takes full advantage of it.

An Android application is the similar but designed to be downloaded onto Android phones.

What are the main features of Mobil Appster?

  • Update apps instantly with our user panel
  • Directly market to customers through in-app messages
  • Create a social media buzz with our “Tell A Friend” feature
  • Give customers GPS directions from anywhere
  • Keep customers informed with business news and deals
  • Provide customers with coupons right to their phones
  • Allow customers to directly contact your business quickly and easily
  • Build brand-loyalty and encourage customers to become frequent buyers
  • Wow your customers, market your business, and make a mobile presence
  • Our mobile app packages are extremely affordable starting at $39 a month

How can a mobile application help your business?

iPhone and Android phones have taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their phone. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct way to contact a business from their iPhone or Android device. With our mobile app solutions, you can engage, inform, and impress your customers. We also provide solutions that are specifically designed to help build brand loyalty and create frequent buyers for your business with the use of our check in coupon system.

How can you build brand-loyalty with Mobil Appster?

Mobil Appster is the ideal solution for small businesses looking to create brand loyalty and frequent buyers. We do so by providing small businesses with a mobile application that rewards customers for frequent visits through coupon rewards that are unlocked using our “check in coupon system.”

How does the check in coupon system work?

When a customer checks in at a business’s location, they will receive a reward coupon for the 10th, 25th, 50th, 100th, 500th, and even 1000th check in. This coupon system is completely customizable by the business and can be edited in real time via our clients’ user panel.

These coupons will appear as images on the application and when used, they will be deleted with a push of a button on the user’s phone by the employer to ensure a coupon is not used multiple times. This also removes the need for additional equipment to verify the coupon such as barcode scanners or unique coupon codes, allowing a very low start up cost for businesses. This system is extremely simple, cost efficient, and very effective for small businesses to build up brand-loyalty with their customers.

How much does Mobil Appster cost?

You can view our pricing here:

What’s included with every Mobil Appster App?

  • Personalized iPhone or Android app solution customized to your business.
  • App submitted personally by our staff to the App Stores.
  • Lifetime support and maintenance of your app.
  • Regular updates and improvements to your app.
  • Powerful CMS account to update your app, instantly.
  • And more…

How easy is it to use Mobil Appster?

1. Create your app tabs

2. Edit your apps content

3. Edit your apps apperance

4. Preview your live mobile app

5. Pay & Publish

How long does it take get a mobile application?

Mobil Appster can submit your iPhone app to the iTunes App Store and Android Market within 48 hours. iPhone apps will require a week for approval.

How can I update my iPhone application?

Need to change content in your app? No problem. Log in to your Mobil Appster account, make the change, and your app is instantly updated. Couldn’t be easier.

What happens if Apple rejects my iPhone application?

Mobil Appster works hard to ensure all our applications are accepted. We guarantee your application will be accepted to the iTunes App Store or your money back!

How do I cancel my account with Bizness Apps?

Give us an email at

How did Mobil Appster get started?

Bizness Apps was started by a group of mobile developers who were tired of seeing businesses pay thousands of dollars for iPhone applications. So we put our heads together and developed a system that allows us to offer iPhone applications at a fraction of the price.

How do push notifications work with Mobil Appster?

Looking to notify your customers of a sale or event? Mobil Appster allows you to send “push notifications” right to your customers iPhones or Android device. Log into your account, enter the information you want to send, and click send! Couldn’t be easier.

I have more questions, what do I do?

Feel free to contact us for any reason. Click here to check out our contact page.

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